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Lil Bird's Nest© Eco Friendly Hanging Planters

Imagine plants cradled in a eco planter like a birds nest, a home for plants that is natural, green and eco-friendly. It can be used in the garden, on a patio, hung in a veranda, a porch or inside the home; line it with a coco or a moss liner, a natural extension making it a fitting home for plants, or else hide the plastic container in the planter.

Lil Bird's Nest Eco Friendly Planters are handcrafted by villagers and made of completely organic and biodegradable material. The eco planter is  made from the stalk of agricultural plants,  the hanging rope harness is made of  wild grass that grows in surrounding forests, and the lil bird hanging at the top is made of cotton fabric stuffed with saw dust.

The eco planter is about 12" in diameter and about 7" high. Actual shape, size, and color of the eco friendly planters vary slightly. Eco friendly planters of other sizes can be made to order, specify your needs and we will have them crafted to your requirements.


Order now, as we have a limited quantity of eco friendly planters in stock and will supply as much as we can at this time.  Due to the time consuming laborious process of making these eco friendly planters, and competing resources from other types of baskets, we are limited in the number of eco friendly planters that we can supply, so order now. 

For pricing and ordering information, contact sales.


While on a visit to this village, we found that the entire village is dedicated to making baskets for various uses and it is their main source of income. We thought of using the basket as planters and had baskets made to our shape and size.

We experimented with various materials for the harness and made it of rope that is off white in color and complements the natural color of the eco planter.

Two different plants are used for the eco planter, one of them is harvested around May and the other around October.  The texture and color of  eco friendly planters made from the two plants vary, one is slightly darker and reddish than the other.

The rope for the harness is made of grass that grows wild in neighboring forests. Villagers living around and in the forests, harvest the grass and braid it into a strong and durable rope. The actual use of the rope is to weave cots for people to sleep on.

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Decorative Candles hand decorated with dried flowers, leaves and stems, limited quantity, an ideal gift for the holiday season, order now for late November delivery, and one of a kind, unique and decorative handcarved soapstone slip on post caps.
Decorative Candles
Decorative candles
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